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Blogging Challenge #6 Embedding – more cool tools!


Today I intend to write this post as I explore. If I don’t I will end up doing something hurried and half mixed, leaving out appropriate links and generally being vague. My brain doesn’t remember things like it did and I don’t wish to take notes. I am however, while doing this posting things to Diigo and twitter, and possibly even adding them to my MS One-Note for future reference.

Challenge #6 is about embedding and has right away introduced me to a new tool…Answer Garden. Now I am excited about this. Imagine my Year 12 students getting involved in this one:

Encountering Conflict means……. at

Oh I think I like this – it reference where it comes from. No need to remember! Ok I have now added that to my Wiki.

I looked at – I guess I am less excited – we have a few great brainstorming tools online at school. However I have it noted. However I really like Wallwisher and have already got one of those – once again for my yr 12 English class. Another teacher and I even tried just a little collaboration – it seems we both need to work harder on getting kids as excited about it as us. Anyway – here it is ready to grow some more:

Needless to say I just embedded this in the Wiki as well:)

Next on the list is cartoon makers and forms and polls. I am going to skip this but for my content here as I am pressed for time. I can’t think of anything off the top of my head to share other than to extend that odea a bit and suggest you give Class Marker a try for online testing etc. You do need to pay a little for full functionality but I have found it worth it. Importing student data, exporting results is pretty easy as long as you can manages MS exel spreadsheets.

OK…next stop presentation tools. I have a presence already at the following :

Glogster I already ebedded this one so I have just linked it here. As a teacher tool I find Glogster cumbersome. I love the concept but it is way too slow for me, it loads too slowly, and at school I have had one too many lessons of frustrations with students being frustrated with poor speeds etc that I gave up on it.

Prezi I Love – and would love to have the time to do more with it. I introduced it to Yr 8 last year and a couple of normally disengaged students really took to it. Here is why I like it so much:

by Jody Raabe. I hope I have embedded ‘the original’ as there are many copies of this presentation – I have one of them but the author is not noted. Makes me wonder actually how if I wanted to give full CC attribution details where in Prezi do I get that information??

Slideshare - is a place I have come across many times. There are great resources there, often linked to through Diigo and Twitter by teachers. I do not have any presentations of my own 9it is all about time I guess)  but I have noted at least 6 as favourites. Of on them is this one below.

I do believe I will make more use of this site especially because of its interconnectedness with other sites like WordPress, Facebook Twitter etc, I am into anything that save clicks and time.

Authorstream looks ok but I am more excited about the possibilities of Voicethread. However the cost may prevent me delving too far in with students. Photopeach looks like fun and thanks to The Edublogger for giving us a clear how to for it.

Moving on – making vidoes – and embedding them. I took my very scary first step making a video last year. I wanted my staff to manipulate an excel spreadhseet in a particular way so it was then easy for me to collate and see year level results at the end of the year. The year before I had assumed they would know how to do this. This year I knew better. So, I used Jing and on my computer at home I created the video. I don’t know that I would do this all the time. It took several goes to get it right. But it wasn’t as frustrating as being limited to 30 seconds on the free account at Animoto. I have already embedded my video from there so once again I choose not to do it now.  The video i made is happily hosted on Screencast.Com. The idea of making 3D is just too scary right now to even contemplate so I will leave xtranormal alone.

I do of course have some youtube things and since I have a fairly personal voice on this blog let me introduce you to two special members of my family:

NOTE: I have tried 3 times to insert embed code. My Internet connection is slow and Youtube is not loading well. The first embed code rendered as advertising. I tried the ‘select old embed code’ and unticked ‘related videos’. That code is here but again I seem to get a white space. I am unsure if it a white space for everyone else…is it??
I think all of this about covers embedding…and my time creating the post is up. next will be to look at some others and respond to the discussions.

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